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    Anjaney Vastu performs Vastu Consultation for Home, Office, Positive Energy, Bedroom, Pooja Room, School, Farm House, Factory, Hotel, etc.

    Best Vastu Consultant in India

    Mr. Anurag Sharma is one of the world’s top Vastu consultants working with Vastu Shastra among the most prominent Vastu experts. He has a tremendous background in this area among the veteran Vastu advisors & is the best Vastu consultant in Delhi NCR. He is an Architect & Interior Designer and he holds one of the top eligible statuses among Vastu consultants & Vastu consultancy services. He is the director of Anjaney Vastu. This is committed to propagating the age-old Indian culture and heritage in such a way as to allow it to thrive internationally and create a conducive atmosphere for the benefit of all humanity.

    How we Do Vastu of your home

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    Vastu Consultancy Services

    Vastu For Home

    A home rather than just a place for living, it’s our personal space and a sign of our personality. Vastu’s simple definition is the placement of things in the house, and in the space of gods and humans. Vastu Shastra relies on various atmospheric forces, such as solar energy from the earth, gravitational energy, celestial energy, kinetic energy, magnetic energy, light energy, wind energy.

    Vastu For Bedroom

    Vastu Shastra Is the philosophy of architecture that teaches how to function in peace with nature and how to manage it so that it functions to your advantage. According to Vastu remedies designing your bedroom helps create a stable personal life.

    Vastu For Kitchen

    Kitchen is the most productive area of the house from which all sorts of resources come in, whereas a professional Vastu specialist will certainly recognize the Negative house situation if the kitchen is improperly located. The main contributing factor in the general health and well-being of the inhabitants is cooking being the essential aspect of the household.

    Vastu For Office

    The office is specifically designed to achieve total performance and gain the benefit, of having workers well managed. The Vastu-oriented office keeps it optimistic, keeping the wealth flow in good condition and helping to make a profitable company.

    Vastu For Health

    Consulting a Vaastu Consultant is recommended, but some helpful tips and practical explanations of Vaastu values are provided here to add to your Fitness, Wealth, Happiness, and Prosperity.

    Vastu For Wealth

    In order to have a healthy and productive family, you need to stress raising the good energies within your home. If you live in homes that require positive powers, Vastu Shastra enhances wealth, well-being, and prosperity.

    Vastu For Career

    Outstanding career is important for every person and in order to attain a high sky, one should be aware of every sphere of life which can yield good results. Not only does Vastu Shastra a theory, of course, create a bright future by keeping your home and family absolutely happy, but it also helps to make a bright life.

    Vastu For Marriage

    Marriage is an institution that brings the beginning to new life, achievements in the form of marriage, encouragement, and identity. The teachings of Vastu Shastra will work well for love and intimacy for all members of the family. Vastu Shastra can spark passion and deep feelings by following those laws.

    How we give Vastu Consultations

    Taking the Brief

    We take the brief from the client understanding their need and concerns related to their home.

    Floor Plan and Details

    at the next step, we procure the floor plan of the property and the details of the occupants. We shall also be requiring the details of the site surroundings like - Mountains / hills / a road / electric lines / any religious building etc.

    Site Analysis

    Taking the precise reading of the compass is another crucial part of the Vastu analysis, we do it with utmost care.

    Vastu Analysis

    Our expert Ar. Anuraag Bhardwaj carefully carries out each consultation with his team. We thoroughly run through each and every room of the property and prepare the report.

    Preparing the Report

    We use the data collected to compulate a Detailed report for you. We curate it with simple remedies
    1. Karmic Remedies.
    2. Mantra Remedies
    3. Yantra Remedies
    4. Elements Remedies
    5. Plant Remedies
    6. Color Remedies.

    Why Take Vastu Consultation from Anjaney Vastu?


    Full Vastu Detailed Report

    1 Hour Face to Face Consultation with Expert

    Furniture Placement Analysis

    Accurate Degree Calculation

    Room Wise Analysis

    Zone Map (Fire, earth, water, air, sky)


    60mins Video Conference With Expert

    Full Vastu Detailed Report

    Zone Analysis

    Room Wise Analysis

    (Floor plan required, and Video of property required) before joining the consultation.

    Anjaney Vastu believes in comprehensive 360-degree services to make life easy for people who have gone through a tough patch in life. Therefore we provide personalized Vastu consultancy services based on client knowledge and assessment as well as residential or commercial premises.

    Issues Resolved With Online and Offline Vastu Consultancy

    Marriage Related


    Money Problems

    Peace and Success

    General Vastu Dosh

    Health Challenges as per Vastu




    Rs 5100/-
    Rs 6100/-
    Rs 6100/-
    Rs 7100/-
    Rs 8100/-
    Rs 9100/-
    Rs 11000/- (Banquets/ Hotels/ Halls/ School/College/ Institute etc)
    Rs 12000/- (Banquets/ Hotels/ Halls/ School/College/ Institute etc)

    Note: All price include GST

    Success Stories

    I consider Anjaney Vastu‘s advice exceptionally down-to-earth and easy to follow. In my opinion, they offer their customers an exceptional point of view as they enter the knowledge on the expert environment through their Vastu expertise to have solutions that fit in today’s work and home environment. This was particularly important for a housewife like me as I was looking for a good Vastu Consultant in Delhi to make my married life successful & luckily I found Mr. Anurag Sharma. Highly recommended.
    One of my offices was facing a lot of problems since the time I opened it. During that time Anurag Sharma guided me and gave me direction, in such a way that I started to see positive outcomes. It helped me in accomplishing both fame and office deals. It truly changed the face of my business.
    Tanmay Sareen
    Anjaney Vastu is a fantastic team led by Anurag Sharma, a smart architect & an awesome Vastu Consultant in Noida with enriched years of experience in Vastu, which lets them do excellent work. I’ve been consulting them and they’ve only made a few adjustments in my home-cum-office, it’s been quite a time now and since then I’ve been doing quite well. After then, I’ve had a lot of new projects and have achieved peace of mind.
    Jessica Madaan

    Whether you’re looking to create a space that nurtures your mind, body, and soul, or simply want to improve the energy flow and balance in your home, Vastu consultation can help. With years of experience in the field of Vastu, We have helped countless clients transform their homes and enhance their lives.

    We take the time to listen to your unique needs and develop practical and effective solutions tailored to your specific situation.

    From identifying cluttered areas and their impact on energy to implementing small design changes that make a big difference, we can help you create a home that supports your well-being.

    Ready to experience the transformative power of Vastu? Book your consultation today and let’s start working together to create the peaceful, harmonious home you deserve!

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